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SinZLazTWordZ's News

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - May 23rd, 2009

LIKE OMG I CAN'T MAKE MUSIC RIGHT NOWWWWWW.... but seriously im staying with a friend with horrid connection and they don't have fruity loops on the comp... so right now im down but il be back soon.... trust me on that!!! :D

<3 you allll wooot wooot

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - February 25th, 2009

So lets just all have some funn wooootttt

By the way... Zelda Remix is coming out soon... and yes i need you *hand comes out of the computer screen and a finger points at you* Yes you... to vote 5 on it... help me get top 5!! :D hahah Anywayz yeah

It's in the final stages of being done... maybe people will like it... and maybe not...

So we will seeeee sooner or laterrr

And like... i love my friends =] i do <333


Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - December 31st, 2008

Ugh... My girl broke up with me.... the last song i made i mean it isnt bad... but its so many different sounds and melodys just like how im feeling... so many mixed emotions and feelings... and then i went up there to try and fix things and stay the night and hang out if it didnt work out regardless... and just weirder and weirder shit happened that night and now idk im not sure what to do anymore i just want to ... meh... Just feeling emo and shit... So yeah i am leaving newgrounds soon... My Next song will be the last one and it will be named " Finished "

I know alot of you dont even know me so its not a big deal and my music wasnt good enough to impact anyone of make anyone try harder themselves so im not a big deal leaving... but to all my friends who read my page man Just add me on AIM or MSN or something and il still produce music but uploading it here to see it get blammed? It seems pointless to me.... Im emotional as it is so i dont wanna have to deal with being blammed as well it saddens me... But anywayz yeah to all my friends and even people i didnt know man Thanks for the reviews and votes... thanks for keeping my spirits high and thanks for being there when i need you guys... I appreciate it alot and everything i say i mean it....

So if you still wanna hear some of my music and stuff just you know PM me and il throw you my AIM and MSN and we'll talk okay? Thanks for taking the time to check out my page too guys it means alot!

~ DJ - BT

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - December 17th, 2008

Im out... too many people on this site are immature and the only way your song actually has a good score is if you get you and all your friends to vote on it... so pretty much if your brand new and trying to come up you'll get blammed... So i guess im saying its done for me... im not doing this anymore i work hard to try and make something you guys will like but what happens? I get blammed... So im done putting songs on here =] Just share em wit my friends have a nice day!


Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - October 14th, 2008

To see that my last song... which wasnt half finished was blammed just like that... All 0's... Sometime's if someone has a really annoying sound i guess its good to blam cuz its just straight annoying but if someone has a really good melody.... and spent alot of time on it your just gonna blam it? What if it was his first song? You gonna ruin him.... make him stop making music, he wont have friends and all you care about is your god damn score of a song? Man.... give him a 4 or 3 if he atleast tried.... its sad that everybody here on NG takes no time to review... no time to listen.... Open your eyes... Open your ears.... read some of the comments people put down... it makes no sense for you to just blams someone stuff so yours can get a higher score or a better review... Nice job NG we've probably lost people with alot of talent due to your incompitence of not actually listening and reading... Leave a review... let them know what was wrong... let them know what to imrpoove on... Give them a decent score and a couple stars... Is that really too much to ask? Does that really take too much time to do?


Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - October 13th, 2008

Got a few new ideas up my sleeve and 1 of them should be out and about tomorrow =]


Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - September 20th, 2008

Cant seem to come up with anything good=/ ...Dont have inspiration or something... Not sure but i cant make anything right now... So il let you know when i start working on something... i'll keep it at it thought =]


Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - September 16th, 2008

Chinese versions of English =] ( Not real translations!!)

1. That's not right
Sum Ting Wong

2. Are you harboring a fugitive
Hu Yu Hai Ding

3. See me ASAP
Kum Hia

4. Stupid Man
Dum Gai

5. Small Horse
Tai Ni Po Ni

6. Did you go to the beach
Wai Yu So Tan

7. I bumped the coffee table
Ai Bang Mai Ni

8. I think you need a face lift
Chin Tu Fat

9. It's Very dark in here
Wao So Dim

10. I Thought you were on a diet
Wai Yu Mun Ching

11. This is a tow away zone
No Pah King

12. Staying out of sight
Lei Ying Lo

13. He's cleaning his automobile
Wa Shing Ka

14. Your body odor is offensive
Yu Stin Ki Pu

15. Great
Fa Kin Su Pah

16. I Can't believe it
No Fu Kin Wai

17. Our meeting was rescheduled
Wai Yu Kum Nao


Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - August 27th, 2008

Well im back... for about a week or two i coulda really come up with anything but now i got a couple of new songs out... Some new work haha. So let me know man!!


Never give up... Never Surrender

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - April 29th, 2008

My beats are up and ready, leave me reviews and vote!! =] Tell me what i should improove on, Thanks!!!