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SinZLazTWordZ's News

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - May 8th, 2015

If you enjoy Hip hop music and some occasional techno, I would be honored if you took a listen to some of my songs, maybe left some feedback.

Always looking to improve.



Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - May 7th, 2015

So far I would like to thank everyone who has checked them out and im happy to say they will continue for some time to come. If you haven't checked them out and you enjoy music as much as me, you should take a look. Im always looking for feedback.

They are also the beats that will be on the official Darkside Album that we shall be releasing soon for free, some of the tracks on the Album are already uploaded here so for those that have followed us this far you will already have some of the content. Hoping to get this up on Spotify and other apps and sites that play music.

Anywho Thanks to all who support us and the free music movement.

Never Better




Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - January 27th, 2015

New year, some new tunes, an anniversary.

Put it all together in a big pot and lets see what we got.



Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - September 2nd, 2014

Don't seem like this site cares too much about upcoming people anymore, its all about the people who are already known. 

To my friends and fans that I actually have, I won't be uploading too much more to this site, I don't see the point if not a soul gives any input, I get views and downloads but you don't vote or review... so I don't know how my music is doing or what im doing right or wrong, seems pointless to me to continue here,

To newgrounds Id like to say Thank you for the oppertunity to get myself known but that obviously won't happen here. Since 2008 the Reviews and Voters have rapidily declined, I do hope one day to see this site become a better community and give input where its needed, especially to people who are constantly making efforts and not just those who are already making the front pages and featured content.



Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - April 13th, 2014

Get ready for some epic music.

Im always lookin to collab and looking for feedback on my beats or my lyrics.

Seperating myself from other artists will be tough but ima stick with it.

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - January 30th, 2014

Getting back into doing music, actually nice to see people collabing and working together now.

Check my beats and instrumentals out, if you are looking for something special just send me a PM and il see what I can throw together for ya.


B Tech

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - April 18th, 2010

Back and better than eva!! No but seriously... I think i have gotten inspiration back.... But not much point in making anything new until i have an actual need......

Anyone up to Collab? Just let me know.

And im always looking for someone who would like some music for a flash there making


Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - February 13th, 2010

So i wanted to start selling some music rightt? Well unforunately it sucks when you have no connections haha. So yeah If anyone knows a good label.. let me know so i can send them a demo! Hoping to sell my music soon. In a REAL tight spot =[

B Tech Keep me posted peeoplez

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - November 20th, 2009

Well, Its been a while but i got some new songs up. You can check them out... Or you can check out my new zelda mix.... I was hoping to get it top 5.... But yeah.. Let me know what you guys think of my songs! I just want you to give me a fair review and vote and il do the same for you!

B Tech

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - August 11th, 2009

Well im kind of back, I got some new music and as soon as i get a home connection they will be up.... or when i get enough time to transfer them with my Flash drive.... then i can show you my new skillz