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Nice job and the animation looks pretty cool... Disapointed it isnt done yet... Sounds like some intense work and some nice fighting to be done ;) Finish it up and let me know!

BrainBlowers responds:

ill work on it


Front page materialll hahaha nice job man that was awesommeee :D


"Oh my god you shot me.... In the face....."

LOL pricelesss


It was greeattttt i have to say but... the animation was horrible.. >.<


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Hey man

That was fun man and i agree you need some background music but hey i make music and stuff so if you want message me and for your future flashes i can make something for it man =]


Kept me playing

Haha i gotta admit it kept me playin for a while! It got kind of annoying for the wait... but im just impatient xD haha But i only made it to 21.... O_O Can u actually make it to 100? xD lol

mikeedla responds:

I have it programmed up to 100, come March 14 people might need it higher.

Very nice

I played this for about 2 hours... while i was downloading this other game, but i liked it, it had nice graphicz and game play. The shooting was nice. I missed the deadline because i wasnt paying attention to the days but i wanted to get all of the gunz that i could haha. I got all up to the M4A1 and then i went for union city but it said it was too late. I would of kept in that city killing monster for days on end if i would of known that haha. Good game though, Respond if you read my review... =D

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I was excited as that intro started and then the beat dropped... it just sounds some what off... and the piano feels like it needs some more or less to it, its on key but it just doesn't seem to hit the right way.
You got some talent here though man, tweaks here and there, try to envision exactly how you want it to sound in your head and replicate that into the project.
Get em


Dope. Very hip hop up beat feel to it. Def could see this as a party jam bro. Keep up this ill work.
I'll be watching.

Amazing!! I have been following you for a while and you keep improving, this is the first song I have heard with your own lyrics in it and I must say, you have a great voice and they feel as if they flow with the instrumental perfect.
Keep it up!! Would love to see this completed!!


Music is life... Life is music... Without it there would be no me...

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