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Im done

Posted by SinZLazTWordZ - September 2nd, 2014

Don't seem like this site cares too much about upcoming people anymore, its all about the people who are already known. 

To my friends and fans that I actually have, I won't be uploading too much more to this site, I don't see the point if not a soul gives any input, I get views and downloads but you don't vote or review... so I don't know how my music is doing or what im doing right or wrong, seems pointless to me to continue here,

To newgrounds Id like to say Thank you for the oppertunity to get myself known but that obviously won't happen here. Since 2008 the Reviews and Voters have rapidily declined, I do hope one day to see this site become a better community and give input where its needed, especially to people who are constantly making efforts and not just those who are already making the front pages and featured content.




well if this is the case where do u go to next haha not much feedback online for musicicans

That is true. Just hard to decide which step to take next.
All I know is its time to make some noise, haha.

I got a buddy working on a Album cover for me,
Once we get enough of our songs with lyrics, I figure the next step is to get it out there and heard, or at least try. Just discouraged by the lack of feedback anymore.


get it out where to who and how though lol.

In this day and age of torrenting and downloads music is a non profitable business anyway. And people can hear what they want at tip of a finger when they want.

This is true,

Labels, Companies that would support us through the come up.
Basically just advertisement really, I don't care if I make anything to be honest,
Just want to be heard.
And as for how, well we would just make Demo CD's and send them out to these companies and labels.
I want to hear the feedback from others weather its good or bad.
I know that I am constantly getting better and even if I don't make it anywhere...
At the least I can say I tried.
I don't stick with one genre of music either, I love all types of music.
So to me, its not really about making a large profit or any profit for that matter, its just about being heard and getting my name out there. I could care less for the fame though, personally id rather be the guy in the background making the instrumentals who isn't noticed for his work.
But that's me and I am a different kind of guy.

sure i understand and agree also but I still think companies arent actively looking to take on peoples music. And so much music online anyway its hard to stand out.

You need a good image which sells eg. Justin Beiber lol

And as rough as it may be to stand out, you gotta stick with it if you want to get noticed at all. I know its not easy, not by a long shot but there are people out there looking for that different type of sound, that new type of flow, or just that voice that was meant to be heard... Justin beiber destroyed himself, I mean don't get me wrong, I NEVER really liked him in the first place, but you are right in the sense of the image.

Honestly though, im just as lost as you are asking me these questions... I don't really know what I can do or how I will get noticed, but I just can't give up, been doing it for too long to throw the hard work away. So I guess for now I stick with it and hope for the best, maybe make a few friends along the way to where ever it is this road will take me.

depends how far u wanna go. I play guitar could do bands, travel etc..but thats different than electronic music.

And look online you might think you made a great song but there are 10000s better and they have no views also lol.

So when you look at it like that it seems hopeless.

Im not trying to say what I make is AMAZING on any type of level. I know there are MILLIONS of artists out there trying to make a name for themselves.

I know what you mean when you say it seems hopeless, it really does.
But if you at everything in that light... then EVERYTHING is hopeless.
Call me an optimist because I always try to believe that there is hope for something better around the bend... you just gotta take that long walk to figure out what.
Then again, I dont believe in any "God" really so how can I be a optimist?
I suppose im something in between.
Just gotta keep doing what I do and putting 1 foot in front of the other.

well i like to make music so i do it anyway with no ultimate goal.

However i would like feedback...not even money or fame just feedback to hear maybe 10-20 opinions on my tune etc..it makes it feel more worthwhile to know someone liked it and why or what they didnt like so i can improve.

Secondly we all NEED money and if we can make money doing our hobby thats perfect so cant lie its a 'goal'' but not a directly forced goal if you get me. ANd not easy to achieve at all.

I figured one has more chance to win lottery..52 people win 5-10million per year on lottery right? How many new musicians breakthrough to be multimillionare? Maybe 1 every 2-3 years?

Lets be honest its near impossible to breakthrough big time. But what about to make money from music? there has to be another way? no?

Always money to be made in making music for movies / video games / tv commercials.

and I agree, even if I didn't have anywhere to upload them, I enjoy to listen to them myself.
I dont really have an ultimate goal, It would just be nice to have a job where you enjoy doing the work, which to me this would be perfect. I as well enjoy feedback, when I first started here in 2008 it was fantastic, always got feedback weather its good or bad and now... I get maybe 1 or 2 reviews with "Great song!" "Good job!"
and I appreciate them, but I was given no information aside from that, it might as well be a "Like" button.

I personally would rather break through small time, I dont want to be a multimillionaire. I couldn't fathom that and if some day it happened well Id be donating to charities that promote music in schools.

well yeh millionare or even just enough to have nice life still not easy lol.

I only just joined here i post songs everywhere and this place is best i might get 2-3 reviews per 3-4 songs i post which sounds bad as it is but still best on WWW sadly lol.

A lot of people always say my music sound slike video game or driving game music etc..but im not sure how to breakthrough, shoould one send protfolio of work to video game developers etc..i dont know

Yeah, you should... send them to companies that produce games and now Newgrounds has the "TEAM UP!" Feature so you can tell people you are looking to make some music for video games or driving games as well as flash movies and other things.

Yeah, I dont care if I have a nice life, Id just like to get by doing the things I enjoy doing. But this day and age... thats just too much to ask for.

team up feature? whats this ill chek it out cheers

and also its funny like just now you rate highly 3 of my trax, maybe they are good right? but at pro level not so good? who knows?

Point is many people making tunes like me but i dont think we get recognised or chance to profit from it?

Well i only been doing this 6 months but so it seems

It doesn't matter about pro level when it comes to music, sometimes those of us that are the best will never make enough noise to get noticed.
Just keep doing what you love, even though it may be a hobby for now, it could be something more in the future.
Its hard to get noticed when everyone is saying the same thing... haha
Just keep making your music differently from everyone else.

Well uniqueness is key cause if u follow the crowd more hard to be noticed. However its just a hobby in reality, there are train model makers, painters, sculptors all kind of hobbyists out there who expect to get nothing in terms of recognition, feedback, fortune lol.

Before internet days music be the same, now we can share WW we think we should be noticed or something lol..I dunno haha

I used to make guitar trax/song most nights when younger and only for myself.

Yeah, I know what you mean, just gotta keep at it and hope some day when the oppertunity presents itself you take it lol...
Just be an optimist about it, anything is possible.
Stay dedicated to what you believe in.

you know if there are any other websites liek this to upload music and get feedback i dont think so?

Soundcloud, Youtube, there are tons, but the problem is you need to be extremely active and constantly promoting your music in order for anyone to notice your music.